Best BetterDiscord Themes To Install on Your Discord 2021

Discord is gaining popularity like crazy these days. Gamers, professionals and students have been using Discord to communicate securely on the internet. As Discord’s popularity keeps on increasing, new modded versions of Discord have been popping around on the internet. BetterDiscord is one such mod. It offers great features which extend discord’s functionality. It is a great option for discord users who want to customize their discord app.

Currently, Discord only allows its users to switch between the default light and dark theme. Users are not able to customize its appearance. This is where BetterDiscord comes in. It is one of the best Discord mod which allows users to switch between hundreds of themes. It also gives the user the ability to use custom CSS to modify their Discord’s appearance. Let us take a deeper look at BetterDiscord before we move on.

What is BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord is a discord mod which surfaced a little while ago. It comes with exclusive features and customization options. It is a standalone Discord client which comes with exclusive themes and plugins. You can check out the BetterDiscord theme library here.

BetterDiscord comes packed with custom tweaks which helps to run Discord smoothly even on low-end computer systems. Using BetterDiscord, you can automate moderation of your servers. You can also moderate different channels and use plugins to spice things up in your communities. If you have been using Discord, you should definitely check out BetterDiscord. It is the best Discord mod on the internet right now. The original Discord application does not even come close to the features provided by BetterDiscord. It is definitely worth checking out.

Why use BetterDiscord Themes?

On Discord, users can only switch between the default light and dark theme. The light theme is buggy as it is hard to distinguish between different users and messages sent on a server. The dark theme is extremely pleasing to the eyes. Apart from these two themes, you can’t use any other theme on Discord, neither can you customize their appearances.

To overcome this problem, it is best to use BetterDiscord on your computer system. It allows you to customize your Discord clients’ appearance in just a few clicks. The BetterDiscord public theme gallery hosts hundreds of themes. You can pick out any theme as you like and use it on your own PC.

How to Add BetterDiscord Themes on Discord

BetterDiscord themes make your Discord client attractive. A wide variety of themes are available to you at your fingertips. The process to add BetterDiscord themes to your Discord client is quite easy and straightforward.

  1. Download the themes’ zip file onto your computer.
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the following directory:
  3. Switch <USERNAME> in the path with your user account.
  4. Unzip and extract the zip file.
  5. Launch BetterDiscord and open Settings.
  6. Scroll down till you find the Themes options.
  7. Click on the toggle button to Enable or Disable themes.

Best BetterDiscord Themes of 2021

Without further ado, let us have a look at Best BetterDiscord Themes of 2021. This list is comprised of publically available BetterDiscord themes. Trending and popular themes are also among this list.

#1. Horizontal Server List

Horizontal Server List is a BetterDiscord theme which works well with transparent themes. This theme changes the position of your server list from the left side-bar to the top of your discord client. You can also switch it to the bottom of your discord client. The icon sizes are customizable.

Horizontal Server list betterdiscord theme

Overall the theme is attractive. The theme also supports server folders. It is a perfect choice for discord users who are looking for a change in Discord’s interface. The theme was released in January 2019 and is downloaded by more than 30,000 people.

Download Horizontal Server List

#2. Reborn

Built by MonsterDev and released in March 2019, Reborn is one of the most popular BetterDiscord themes. It is customizable to the core and offers an elegant look. The interface features a dark-themed tint which is aesthetically pleasing. Reborn theme features a dark-themed palette, which looks a bit similar to the default dark theme. However, the customizations and effects make it look a lot better.

reborn betterdiscord theme

Reborn has been downloaded over 64,000+ times. The reborn theme is a great choice for betterdiscord users who prefer a dark theme. It is currently one of the hottest and most popular themes in the BetterDiscord Library.

Download Reborn

#3. ClearVision

ClearVision is a BetterDiscord theme which you can fully customize from scratch. The theme comes with official presets. If you are not satisfied with the official presets, you can easily customize the appearance to your own liking. ClearVision is currently trending with 150k+ downloads on BetterDiscord Library.

clear vision best better discord theme

ClearVision gives you the ability to change the colouring, background image, font style, font size, and blur percentages. ClearVision also has an active community on Discord where you can discuss about the theme. ClearVision theme is popular thanks to the various customization options and an active community. If you are looking for assistance, you can get support from the theme’s Discord community.

Download ClearVision

#4. Sunset

Made by DevilsLynAvenged, Sunset is a beautiful theme. The colours are soothing and extremely pleasing to the eyes. The theme can be customized to switch between light and dark colours. You can also add custom CSS to the theme to make changes to its appearance. Sunset theme is better suited towards programmers and students who prefer a dark theme.

sunset better discord theme

Sunset theme has around 58,000+ downloads on the BetterDiscord library. It was released in September 2019. The theme is trending for the past few months due to the increasing number of downloads.

Download Sunset

#5. RadialStatus

RadialStatus was released in March 2020. It is a trending theme which offers some sweet customization option to a user. The status icons can be changed into different shapes in this theme. Featuring a dark style combination, RadialStatus theme is extremely easy to work with under low-light conditions.

The theme allows you to change the background colour and images according to your preference. The fonts are also changeable. The customizations, along with multiple colour schemes, make RadialStatus an optimal pick. RadialStatus currently has more than 60k+ downloads.

Download RadialStatus

#6. Nocturnal

Nocturnal is a dark theme made especially for night-owls who use their computer systems at night. The theme features a simple and clean interface. The colours are easy on the eyes. If you have dry eyes due to longer screen-time, switching to Nocturnal theme will get rid of this issue.

Nocturnal Betterdiscord theme

Despite having less customizable options, Nocturnal is still one of the most famous BetterDiscord themes. It has more than 60.6k+ downloads. The theme was built to be easy on the eyes, so you won’t find any light colours in it.

Download Nocturnal

#7. Elysia

Created by Purple Wizard, Elysia is a fully-customizable BetterDiscord theme. It comes with in-built presets which feature light and dark coloured themes. Apart from that, various customizations can be made to the interface in a few clicks.

Elysia Best betterdiscord theme

Elysia comes with a customization manual. In case you are looking for more presets, you can find them on the developer’s discord support server. Elysia is popular thanks to multiple aesthetic presets developed by the community. The theme has 45k+ downloads.

Download Elysia

#8. Frosted Glass

Frosted Glass has over 200k+ downloads. It is one of the highly popular BetterDiscord themes. The background of the theme looks as if you are looking at a picture through frosted glass. The colours and background image can be edited to suit your needs. The theme slightly shrinks down the user-interface, which makes it look more compact. The theme is a perfect match for Discord users who prefer a clean and compact theme.

frosted glass better discord themes 2020

This theme looks stunning. The various customization options that come with this theme are icing on the cake. The theme already looks attractive, there is rarely any need for anyone to customize it further. If you are looking for assistance to help you customize the theme, you can head over to the developers’ support server on Discord.

Download Frosted Glass

#9. Great Mountain Site

Created by DevilsLynAvenged, Great Mountain Site is a stunning theme. The theme changes the opacity of the discord interface, allowing you to capture the magnificent beauty of the background image. The background image comprises of a magnificent mountain ridge and a full-moon hovering above it.

Great Mountain Site Better discord themes 2021

The theme features a dark-style colour palette which makes it easy on the eyes. Unlike other themes, the background image cannot be changed in this theme. Due to the lack of customization options, it has been placed at the bottom of our list. 49,000+ people are currently using this theme.

Download Great Mountain Site

#10. An Orion Deep Field

An Orion Deep Field is an elegant BetterDiscord theme. It is a stylish red-coloured theme. The theme comes with in-built presets, which allow you to try out different variations of the theme. The theme features an aesthetic look. It changes the user interface to match its colour scheme.

Orion Deep Field Better Discord Themes

The user cannot customize the Orion Deep Field theme. Lack of customization options and support from the community are two major reasons why this theme is not the first choice for many users. Apart from this, the theme is still popular among many Discord users. It currently has more than 1,33,000+ downloads.

Download An Orion Deep Field

Final Words

We have now reached the finale of our Best BetterDiscord Themes of 2021. I hope you are now able to pick out a theme for your BetterDiscord client. In this list, there are several popular and trending themes. Discord does not allow you to change or customise themes; however, using BetterDiscord you can install multiple themes on your system. Don’t wait any longer, pick one of the themes from the list and try it out. Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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