How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Lettuce? 100% Working Method

Destiny 2, the latest virtual experience game to blow our minds, has led to its gamer-base facing the lettuce error from time-to-time. So, here’s a guide to help you fix the destiny 2 lettuce error, as well as to know all about the new variant of the famous Destiny franchise, Destiny 2.

How To Fix Destiny 2 Lettuce Error?

A number of fixes are available for lettuce in the hit game Destiny 2. Some of these are listed below:

Shift to wired Internet connection if you are using WiFI

Most games that are heavy-duty in nature, such as Destiny 2 or Call of Duty, must be played using a wired connection. It has been observed in most cases of gaming error that error code ‘LETTUCE’ or ‘WEASEL’ occurs due to an interruption in the WiFi connection; once you switch to a wired one, this problem will most probably disappear.

Force restart Steam (for PC users)

To force restart Steam, open Task Manager > Select Steam > click on End Task. Now restart Steam and check whether error code ‘LETTUCE’ continues to appear.

Clear the cache (for Xbox users)

This option works best for those who play Destiny 2 on their Xbox; it not only effectively fixes this particular error code, but also any other issue that you might be facing with the game! However, keep in mind that you’ve synced the game online, since clearing the cache will delete the game from the local Xbox Memory.

Clearing the cache can be achieved on your Xbox to fix error code ‘LETTUCE’  in two ways:

Manual Reset

This can be done by switching off the Xbox through the power button and then detaching the power cord from the Xbox. The cache will be clear and the device’s memory will be formatted.

Turn on the device again. You will no longer face the error code ‘LETTUCE’.

Navigating cache through settings

Go to Xbox Settings > Network > Advanced Settings > Alternate MAC address> clear

After following these steps, check if you still experience the error.

Hard Reset (for PlayStation users)

Unlike the Xbox, you cannot clear the cache in PlayStation. However, you can simply switch it off and disconnect the power cord; after letting it be for a while, connect the power cord again and check if you’re still witnessing the same error code.

Check with your ISP

If your internet connection is working fine, check with your Internet Service Provider; it often occurs that something is faulty on the ISP’s behalf. To ensure that everything is okay, they can either check the internet speed or lower the ping to make sure that the error code disappears.

Replace The Network Hardware

Lettuce has been found to occur most probably due to a defective/leaking cable, which leads it to get disconnected within a fraction of a second and at the same time causes a packet lapse and eventually brings on the error code. If you haven’t gotten your internet equipment changed in a long while, it might be the right time to do so; to be on the safer side, keep a set of spare equipment as well.

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About Destiny 2

Destiny 2, an insight into the mysterious solar system, allows players wonderful virtual gaming experience. One gets to avail first-person shooter combat and unleash elemental powers against their ruthless enemies.

Destiny 2 lets you take up the role of a ‘Guardian’, who explores the vast solar system to defend it from dark, mystical powers. You can choose from these three types of Guardians:

  1. Titan- Proud warriors who are skilled in both attack and defense, Titans are disciplined individuals. At the same time, they do not shy away from showing aggression!
  2. Warlock- A weapon-lover, becoming a Warlock means that one is responsible for defeating your dangerous enemies and simultaneously ensuring that you survive.
  3. Hunter- Hunters are daring beings; quick in their approach, enemies do not have a chance of escaping unscathed!

As a Guardian, you’re at full disclosure to choose the weapons, looks, and clothing of your choice for your particular character.

Against the cinematic background provided by Destiny 2, one can enjoy the gameplay in three modes- as a Lone Wolf, you can play by yourself and embark on the quest to explore the solar system. ‘A Fireteam of Friends’, you can compete or cooperate with your friends to solve problems and win conquests together. The third mode i.e. Activity Matchmaking allows you to connect with Guardians from anywhere around the globe; you can either compete or cooperate with them!

Even within these two modes, you can either choose to compete or cooperate; the former i.e. Coordinated Gameplay comprises of two modes- Strikes and Raids, while the latter comprises two modes- Crucible and Gambit. Within these sub-modes, you can either choose to play as a solo player, teams of two, three, or four- whatever suits you!

Destiny 2 holds up its promise to provide the best gameplay experience you could ask for; the variety of options provided by this video game lets you choose between playing all alone or with others. If you’re looking to increase competition, you can even communicate with unknown Guardians! Be it customizing your look or exploring the universe, you get to go on a splendid journey with the game’s spectacular graphics. As for the error, all your options to fix it have been provided above. Happy Gaming!

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