How to Fix “Discord Screen Share No Audio” 2021

When it comes to gaming, there is an app that comes to every gamer’s mind and the app name is no other than Discord. We’ll know the benefits of the Discord app that how fun it can be playing a video game while using the Discord app. The Discord app helps a player to communicate with the other player. Since the launch of the Discord app, it is available for many platforms and operating software.

Discord Application

One of the best features, Discord recently introduce is the Screen share characteristic, which helps the users to experience their screen sharing with their gaming buddy. Through this feature, the user not only can share its gaming screen, but they can also share it while using other applications as well, just like Chrome, etc. 

But with this feature, many users have complained about the Audio while using the screen share feature of Discord.

So in this article, we’ll learn about all the probable reasons behind this error and how to resolve this issue. 

Reasons behind Audio feature not working while Discord Screen Share

discord screen share audio not working

After studying several cases of this issue, we concluded that this issue happens due to a lot of different reasons. Not all the reasons might apply that why you are facing this situation as every computer configuration is distinctive. 

The Audio feature is still in its initial phase: We all know that audio with the screen share feature is still in its initial phase and still not stable. There are still some bugs that need to resolve and Discord trying to resolve them.

Audio driver issue: One of the main reasons behind audio not working is the audio driver issue. So kindly check your driver whether they are updated or not, or if corrupted or not.

Administrative Access: As we know, Discord shares your screen with other computers it requires administrative access. So granting access normally solves this issue.

Application issues: Some applications are still not compatible with the Discord app. So in this scenario, nobody can do anything other than looking for alternatives.

So I’ll explain to you all the possible ways to resolve this issue, but before that just restart your computer because normally just restarting your system resolves this issue. And this is the most basic step we can do but if this also doesn’t work then let me take you on a quick short technical tour. Here’s what you can do to resolve this issue-:

Resolution 1: Allow Elevated Access

When we were using Discord earlier without an audio feature, it uses to work properly without any problems.

To allow the elevated access, right-click on the application’s executable and don’t click on open, select run as administrator, and when it asks permission, select yes and give permission to the app. 

Now check if the problem is still there or it is resolved.

Resolution 2: Avoid Fullscreen

There is a special bug that we came to know is that while you play your game in full-screen mode somehow audio didn’t work properly.

Hence one should try to avoid full screen while playing a game. But remember to restart your system before trying this resolution. 

If you are thinking about how to avoid fullscreen as the game only starts in fullscreen, Just go to the settings of the game and change the video selection to windowed mode. While using applications one can easily customize the sides.

Resolution 3: Update the audio driver.

Sometimes the no audio error occurs due to a backdated audio driver.

So always keep checking your audio drivers and keep them up to date.

Here how you can update your audio drivers:

The First step is, open run the run dialog box by pressing Windows+R. and then type devmgmt.msc and click on Ok. 

Now, click on the audio input and output category and expand it there you’ll find an option named sound and hardware just right click on it. And in the next step choose the update driver option and restart your system. 

These steps will resolve the no sound issue from discord. 

Resolution 4: Reset voice setting on Discord

No sound issue in discord can be easily fixed just by resetting the voice setting on Discord.

Here’s how you can reset the voice setting in Discord with a few simple steps:

discord reset voice setting
  1. Go to Discord settings.
  2. Select the settings option available on the top right corner.
  3. Now search for voice and video.
  4. Now select the reset voice setting option to fully reset incorrect settings.
  5. Press Ok to confirm. With this method, there are 101% chances that you’ll resolve this issue.

Resolution 5: Update Discord app

This is a crucial step if you are facing no audio problems from Discord. Updating the Discord app there are chances that this issue might get resolved.

Here’s how you can update your Discord app: update discord

  1. Launch the Run Dialog box by pushing Windows+R buttons.
  2. Mention %localappdata% and click Ok.
  3. Now open the Discord folder and run Update.exe.
  4. Wait till the app updates and after that restart the Discord app.
Windows 10 How To open App Data folder via Run

Resolution 6: Reinstall Discord

If none of the above methods work then the main reason behind the issue might be damaged Discord or corrupted files. In this scenario, reinstalling Discord might work for you. 

Here are some steps how you can reinstall Discord: 

  1. Go to the control panel. You can go to the control panel in many ways like by pressing the Windows key on your keyboard and then search for the control panel and open it.
  2. There you’ll find an option of view by, There select category wise then there you will find a tab of uninstalling the program. Click on it.
  3. There you’ll find a list of Softwares, find Discord in that. Right-click on it and select uninstall.
  4. Download Discord from their official websites. And follow the instructions to install the Discord again.
  5. Restart Discord and check whether the voice came back or not.

Above I mentioned all the possible methods which you can use to resolve the no voice issue in the Discord app. With the above methods, there are high chances that your issue would be resolved but if you are still facing the same issue then it might be because the game or application you are using doesn’t support the audio feature of the Discord app. In that case, you can only try to find the alternatives because you can’t do anything more than that. 

As I mentioned above that the voice feature in screen share is still in its initial phase so you have to wait for some time so that you can use it without any problem. The Discord team is still working on this issue and hopefully, they will resolve it ASAP and we can enjoy our favorite feature without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discord screen share no audio faq
Question: When did Discord launch the screen sharing feature? 

Answer: Discord launched screen sharing facility back in August 2017. It allows players to share their screen with the other players available on your Discord server.

Question: Is no audio issue in screen share is a common issue?

Answer: Yes, it is a common issue that every user faces once in their lifetime. Because it is a very common issue as I already mentioned in the above article that this feature is still in the initial phase and there is lots of work is happening on it resolve this issue completely.

Question: Why I’m facing no sound issue in Discord?

Answer: The main reason behind this issue is that the sound feature in screen share is still in its initial phase and there still there are some bugs that need to be resolved. Above all that incorrect audio settings can also cause this issue. 

Question: Is the Discord team working on this issue?

Answer: Yes, the Discord team is well aware of this issue and after lots of complaints even they tweeted about this issue that yes we are very well aware of this issue and we are working on it. They are trying every possible way to improve the gaming experience of users.

Question: Can I stream the game through the Discord app?

Answer: Yes, you can stream the game through the Discord app. Click on the “Go Live” button which you can find on the bottom left of your discord screen.

Hope your all the query regarding no audio issue during screen share feature got resolved through this article. So now you know all the possible reasons for no audio issue and I mentioned how to resolve them as well. So what are you waiting for go through all the methods and find out which one works for you?

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