Top 5 Ways To Fix LAN Not Working on Minecraft Issue

Minecraft is one of the greatly played video game and it claims its position by winning numerous awards and is regarded as the most influential video game of the generation, it is introduced into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in June 2020. Minecraft also includes few spine-off games such as Minecraft: Story ModeMinecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth. The demand for it can be understood by knowing the fact that more than 176 million copies of it are already sold.

Minecraft LAN Not Working

The beauty of this game is that not only kids but anyone of any age group can play this game. It can be played by a single player or even multiplayer via a LAN connection. Suppose you are sitting at your home and you plan to play a game of Minecraft with your friends sitting next to you. The thing that is required then called the LAN connection. LAN stands for Local Area Network. Local Area Network is the network covering a smaller area around it, it is limited to space. The network can spread its radius only to a particular residence, school, hospital, college campus, or building. The common technologies used for the local area networks are Ethernet and Wi-Fi. The Ethernet cable is used for the wired LAN but the Wi-Fi is used for the wireless developed version. That means if you and your friends decide to play a game of Minecraft sitting together you need to for a perfect LAN connection. But this is the main thing that disturbs one if ever thought for a multiplayer match by creating a room.

This does not mean your computer is not working or your computer is not getting a LAN connection but indeed the Minecraft is unable to use your LAN connection.

NO, need to worry; It is not a big issue. We can easily solve it by correcting some settings of your computer.

Causes of LAN Not Working on Minecraft

The reasons for Minecraft not able to access your LAN connection are the following.

  • The firewall of your windows may block the access of the LAN connection to your Minecraft.
  • The turning off of the Network discovery feature can also cause the problem.
  • The multi-players playing Minecraft is using different networks among themselves.
  • The Isolation of AP can cause connection interruption.
  • The server used might have an outdated version of Minecraft.
  • Not using a direct connection also causes Troubleshooting.
  • You might be using the older version of Minecraft.

The Solutions to fix a LAN Not Working on Minecraft:

As there are problems there are solutions too, and at the top of all we have got the causes of the problem which will help us to come to the faster solution. Following the required steps will help us fix this problem:

Allow Minecraft To Access Windows Firewall

  • First of all, before doing anything reboot your computer and refresh it further, it generally removes the majority of the problems as it cures the glitches of Windows 10 OS.
  • Allow the firewall to access your LAN connection is the next step to be done if rebooting the computer doesn’t work. A firewall acts as a barrier between a secured internal network and an unsecured external network, like the Internet. It is a security system that looks at and controls the incoming and outgoing traffic of a network based on assigned rules. The game gives you the alert when you open it for the first time after the download.
  • Click on the Allow Access, then OK.

Further, if anyhow you have denied the access thinking of the security issue, you need to follow the said steps:

  • Start the computer.
  • Search and Open the Control Panel.
  • Go to System and Security.
  • Select Windows Firewall.
  • Click Allow and app OR
  • Select features through the Windows Firewall.
  • Go for the Change settings
  • Give tick mark beside javaw.exe.

Now, check your LAN connection, if it is fixed then congratulations to you on your success.

Now, if yet your problem is not solved follow the steps given below.

Turn on Network Discovery

You need to enable the Network discovery feature to resolve the problem, it is quite an easy task.

  • Start the computer.
  • Search and Open the Control Panel.
  • Go to Network and Internet
  • Open Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click to change advanced sharing settings.
  • Put the tick mark aside of the Turn on network discovery option headed under Network discovery.

This might help you to some extent but if it does work either then move forward with this article there enlist more solutions.

Make Sure Every Computer is on the Same Network and Same Server

Remember to all the players joining the world and planning to go for a multiplayer game should connect to the same LAN connection i.e. all need to connect in the same Wi-Fi building having more than one LAN connection around can lead to the creation of such problem.

  • Start the computer.
  • Search and Open the Control Panel.
  • Go to the Network and the Internet.
  • Check all are connected to the same network or not.

If here also all sounds fine you need to go for the further option.

By Disabling AP Address

You need to disable the AP address.

  • Press Windows + R button, a Run dialogue box Opens.
  • Type ‘CMD’.
  • Click OK.
  • Press enter.
  • When the command window opens type ipconfig.
  • You need to type ping [IP address of the host server]
  • Hit Enter.
  • Now you can see the IP Address of other players’ computers on your computer.

For example, three players are playing have IP addresses like,, and then in the first second, and third players computer you need to type ping, ping, and

These were the technical and LAN connection linked problem fixing solutions. If you are yet not able to solve your problem you can go for the later mentioned steps.

Establishing Direct LAN Connection

You have to establish a direct connection i.e.

  • Start Minecraft
  • Create a new world.
  • Establish the server preferences and click Start LAN World.
  • As the game is enabled, you will see some numerical in the bottom portion of the screen
  • Note the port number anywhere.
  • To open the Run dialog box,
  • Press Windows key + R.
  • Type “cmd” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. This will open to an Elevated Command Prompt.
  • Inside the Elevated Command Prompt, type the ipconfig.
  • Press enter, this will result in the display of the IP address of the host server.
  • Go to Multiplayer > Direct Connect.
  • Now, type the noted Port number with the IP address (IP address + Port number).Example [].
  •  Press the Enter key.

If you succeed by doing these all processes of direct connection then it is well and good and if you are yet standing at the footsteps of failure then still don’t lose your patience we have some more tricks.

Check the Version of a Minecraft

Check that are you playing with the latest version of Minecraft; Follow the stated steps to be confirmed:

  • You have to open the Minecraft Launcher.
  • Now, log in to your profile.
  •  Select the option of edit profile.
  • The window of Profile editor will open.
  • You will see the Use Version on the screen.
  • Select the latest Minecraft version
  • Click on the Save Profile option.

Now, if your problem is solved then it is amazing, but there are a lot more for the strugglers:

Try Reinstalling the Minecraft

The thing that is highly recommended in the cases of such a situation is that uninstall the Minecraft version and download it again. This is could be the simplest and easiest solution that could be done without much effort.

Try Removing All the Mods

Last but not least the ultimate thing that one can do is remove all the mods. Mods not only create disturbances during the game but it also creates a problem to start a multi-player game. It also creates a problem is the establishment of a proper LAN connection.

Moreover, if you have removed your mods and your friend has a few of them, then also the problem might arise. Removal of mods from both ends can fix this problem.


A weekend Sunday or this period of lockdown is extremely perfect to go for games in Minecraft either single or multiple players. Here, we have mentioned many of the solutions to fix the problem to get a perfect LAN connection. Hopefully, now you can enjoy a multiplayer game with your friends and families in Minecraft.

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