How To Kill All Mobs in Minecraft using Commands 2021

You are addicted to Minecraft? Are you frustrated with the mobs? let us know the medicine to cure such a disease.

Minecraft is a world-famous video game also said as a 3D sandbox video game developed by Markus Toivonen and Jenus Bergenester in March 2009. Numerous platforms are used for the game such as Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and many more.

minecraft kill all mobs

Players in the game can construct different craft for their survival, so is termed Minecraft. The crafts include armor and weapons which allow zombies and animals to be killed for survival in the game and tools, which can break different types of blocks either the logs of trees or cemented caves.

The foremost thing required to be in the game is to fight against the mob. Let us first know what are mobs? The mob is the short form of mobile which means moving. So, the movable entity in the game is termed as Mob.

Types of Mobs

Firstly let us know the types of mobs which include Passive mobs that do not harm the player even if provoked. They include bat, cat, cow, horse, chicken cod, donkey, fox, pig, parrot, villager, squid, fish, sheep, mule, turtle, wandering trader, etc. Then comes Neutral mobs, they become ferocious when provoked by the player. They include bee, dolphin, panda, polar bear, wolf, llama, cave spider, normal spider, piglin, endermen, etc. Then comes the dangerous mob called the hostile mob which attacks the player of the sight. They provoke the player and initiate its killing process. They include husk, hoglin, phantom, ghost, guardian, vex, pillager, witch, zombie, silverfish, ravager, skeleton, etc. Further, there is a boss mob that is more dangerous than a hostile mob. They are the least in number, ender dragon, and wither. They give unusual challenges along with expensive rewards respectively. Then comes the unused mobs which can’t spawn themselves without any featured command. They include giant, zombie horses, killer bunny, old villager, etc.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft?

Mobs can be attacked individually by throwing them into the void, burning, and drowning. For example, ghast, can be killed by attacking it through arrows, zombies, and a cave spider can be hit by a sword. To kill Wither’s skeleton it should be firstly blocked in between black blocks, and its head to be hit by an enchanted diamond sword. Endermen, a neutral mob is afraid of water, so hiding under the water and hitting it with a sword will definitely kill it. Slime can be killed by adding poison to it but you have to stay protected underneath a roof.  Generally, a diamond sword can be used to kill hostile mobs by it is a time-consuming process. These all are certain tricks to kill the individual mob.

Commands for Killing All Mobs in Minecraft

But, if you are tired of killing all mobs one by one, and want to kill all mobs at a time as they disturb a lot during the creation of a retention map. The following commands might help you to excel.

First of all, you need to keep in mind before giving a command is that you need to turn cheats on in your world. Secondly, open the chat window. There are different mechanisms of opening a chat window in different versions of Minecraft, For the Java edition, pressing the ‘T’ key will open the chat window where you can run your command.

Use Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) to kill a Unique Mob

  1. You have to target the mob.
  2. Type kill.
  3. The unique entity of the game which displays a unique Id.
  4. Select the unique Id and press enter.

Yeah! You succeed in the entered command.

Another Option to Kill Other Mobs

  1. You have to type /kill.
  2. Use @e to target the respective mobs.
  3. Then Type [type=!player].
  4. Press the enter key.

Yeah! Once again you succeeded in killing all the mobs excluding the players. This kill command can be used to kill any entity including items, mobs, and even players. It is available in the Java Edition, Pocket Edition, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, etc. The syntax of the kill command varies with the varying platform. The main point which.

The Command /kill is used to kill all the entities of the game, which Includes even your Players

Now, you are generous enough and don’t want to kill all the mobs which increases the fame of the game. You further don’t have any enmity with other mobs but you want to kill a specific type of mobs. Follow the said instructions:

  1. You have to target the mob.
  2. Type /kill
  3. Use @e to target the respective mobs.
  4. Type [type= pig]. This will specifically kill the pig.
  5. Press enter key.

Here, @e stands for all the entities, including the player, and !player is used to excluding the player from killing. The kill command on Minecraft is constructed on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U platforms.

Now, if you are interested to save the armor stand along with the players then you need to use the following command:

</kill @e (type=!player, type =!amor_stand, type= !Minecraft)>

This will leave the players and the armor stand and remove all the other mobs.

So, here you learned different commands to kill mobs in different ways. Moreover, you can clean the leftover extracts and slimes by executing the command twice.

The point that you should keep in mind before removing the mobs of the world is that it doesn’t respawn; if it does again a creation of a new mob will take place even after removal of it. For this, you have to use the following command.

</gamerule domobspwaning false/> 

This will let the mob not to regenerate ones killed.

These are all the commands used in the Java platform; the syntax will gradually vary with the varying platform.


These are the special technique which will help you to become a pro player from just a beginner. Hope these have helped you to deal with the problems and especially the mobs of the game. Enjoy Minecraft to the fullest!

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