Minecraft Curse of Vanishing – Learn How To Use and Remove it

If you play, Minecraft then you must know about the curse of vanishing, and you also know that it’s an Enchanted book and it’s one of the rarest items available in Minecraft. 

And if you don’t know, what is the curse of vanishing? How to apply it and get rid of it. Then you have come to the right place. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about the curse or vanishing.

curse of vanishing

If you don’t know then, let me tell you that it’s a cursed book, one must get it naturally in-game realm.

We all know that it can use for a few purposes only. One of the best use of this cursed Enchanted book is you can troll your friend with whom you are playing. Just use the Enchant to their machine and, they will surely lose it. If you are playing on the PvP server, it’ll also prevent your enemy player from getting loot by killing you. 

In this article, I’ll teach you everything which one must know regarding the curse of vanishing Enchantment in Minecraft game like What is the curse of vanishing? How to apply the curse of vanishing? And most importantly, How to remove the curse of vanishing?

So first things first, What is the curse of vanishing?

The curse of vanishing Enchantment helps you to curse a tool in a game. After this curse is put on a tool then this curse will help to cease that tool instead of being left behind even after the user dies in the game.

In a normal scenario of death in Minecraft, our item or weapon will fall after our death in the game. But, it’s distinct from the doomed item. If you got killed by an enemy player then by cursing your tool in the list, the tool will be unavailable for the enemy player once we die. And it’s not retrievable as well.

Curse of vanishing fits with almost every armor and tools available in Minecraft, together with Axe, Swords, Shovel, Bow, Pickaxe, Hoe, Fishing Rods, Tridents, Crossbows, Shield, Helmets, Leggings, Chestplates, Elytra, and Boots.

What a Curse of Vanishing can Do?

what is Minecraft curse of vanishing?

This curse prevents our enemy player to pick our weapon or any other equipment which is left behind after we die in the game. One can practice this curse for goods. We can punish our enemy in the game by cursing upscale equipment they have with the curse.

Even when you’re nearly to endanger your chance in the game and you have expensive equipment or weapon that you don’t want others to have, you can apply this curse. So, that your enemy can’t recollect your item. 

How to use the Curse of Vanishing?

how to use curse of vanishing

We can find the cursed book naturally in the Minecraft game.

Though, we can also get this curse of vanishing by trading as well. We have to set up some Bookcases and a Lectern in the village. Then, we have to look for the Librarian villager who will finally help us to exchange with the cursed book.

Following this trading with the village Librarian, we require to open more trade possibilities to increase the possibility to get the curse Enchantment at the left-hand corner. Search around the Dungeons and Temples to find the cabinets for the cursed book.

How to Get Rid of Curse of Vanishing?

Yes, we can remove the curse of vanishing. And you would be thankful to know that it can be removed easily as well. All you require is the identical tool that sustains the curse, but unenchanted. 

To eliminate the curse of vanishing, unlock the crafting table. And what we need to do is join the two identical tools in the crafting board. 

Joining the two tools will not just only repair the damaged tool, but will also eliminate the curse of vanishing Enchantment as well.

We also know that usually, a Grindstone is used to eliminate the Enchantment from the weapons or items, but it doesn’t go with the curses. This appears to be the easiest and most viable way. Though, we’ll lose any extra Enchantments we have implemented besides the curse of vanishing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for minecraft curse of vanishing

Question 1: Does the curse of vanishing is good?

Answer: Yes, the curse of vanishing is good and it can be used to troll our friend in the game or our enemy. And it can be helpful to prevent our tool to picked up by the other player after our death in the game.

Question 2: Why would we need the curse of vanishing?

Answer: As dying take off the tools entirely, users can Enchant their things with this curse and go in a fight knowing that also if he/she dies, then the other user won’t be capable make use of their devices on them later.

Question 3: Can we disenchant an Enchantment?

Answer: Yes, we can disenchant an Enchantment just by using a Minecraft grindstone. What we need to do is just put the Enchanted equipment in either input opening and it’ll disenchant the Enchantment. Grindstone will eliminate a task penalty from equipment.


In this article, we taught you what is the curse of vanishing, how to apply the curse of vanishing, and how to remove it?

So now you have learned what a curse of vanishing can do. Now you can use it and keep your equipment safe even after you died in the game. And prevent it from getting picked by the enemy player who killed and you can go in any battle freely.

You also learned how to apply this curse of Enchantment and where you can find it. And you also learned how to get rid of it. 

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