Fix Roblox Error Code 279, ID=17, 100% Working Method 2021

Roblox has been known to have many errors. Errors appear as grey colored dialog boxes in the middle of the screen. There are many types of errors. Let us focus on one common error known as Roblox Error Code 279. What is Roblox Error Code 279, ID=17 Failure? The Roblox Error 279 occurs due to an unstable internet connection. This may happen due to some interference or blockage that might occur in your system.

roblox error code 279

Why the Error Code of 279 has been a Serious Concern?

Various crimes exist in the world. Cybercrime exists in the virtual world where we have taken quite an interest. Virtual criminals are ever-present looming over behind our unsuspecting backs. People are consistently concerned about their security when online. Roblox has security measures to counter the ever-growing concerns that everyone has about the seemingly magical virtual world. What can be said as the biggest advantage of Roblox is that it enables its users to play and share their own self-developed games online with others. This opportunity gives young minds a great way to learn to code and to explore in that area of game development and technicalities of the virtual world. Let us not forget that game developers and directors have a very fulfilling and successful career. Chances are that if your kid is exposed to such a game developing environment early on, they may develop an interest that can easily be turned into a career. The gaming industry is flush with money so you don’t have to worry in that area either. So, we should not boycott such innovative platforms. Rather we should come together and take part in such activities all the while being careful.

If some parents are still concerned about cyber safety for their kids, Roblox offers a disclaimer telling their users about the accessibility they have to other players and their content.

Some of the best and most popular games that can be found in Roblox are Natural Disaster Survival, Hide and Seek Extreme, Work at a Pizza Place, Jailbreak, Murder Mystery 2, Scuba Diving at Quill Lake, and Theme Park Tycoon 2.

Why is the Net Connection Unstable?

A very common question always appears in mind, “Why is my internet connection so slow or unstable?”. Usually, your internet connection would be top-notch and enables you to stream heavy storage movies and web series, so, why is your internet connection suddenly unstable when it comes to Roblox. There are a number of reasons why your internet connection is unstable. They are:

  • Bad Game: Sometimes many gamers become really enthusiastic about creating a game. They end up adding too many elements in a desperate manner to make their game interesting and likable. It is a possibility that your internet connection may not have been able to handle so many elements in a single game and so you got a grey dialog box called Roblox Error Code 279.  This is a classic example of a bad scripted game. To rectify this, you can send the creator of the game a message informing him or her of the problems faced by you and others. This will lead the creator to edit or redo the game hence eradicating the problem.
  • Empty Game: Like a bad game where the creator was too excited and ended up adding too many elements in the game, here the creator doesn’t do anything. At some point, the creator of the game must have created the exterior design of the game but did not develop the interior design of the game. So, whenever you enter the game you will find a blank page. This page is devoid of any gaming element and hence is not loading because there is nothing to load.
  • Firewall: Firewall problems are very common. This is caused due to a slow or unstable wireless connection and because of low bandwidth quality.
  • Slow internet problem: Sometimes you may want to play a big game that requires a very high-speed internet connection. You can either wait for a while and let the map load or change your internet connection to something with high bandwidth.

How to Fix Roblox Error 279?

You must have realized that without overcoming this obstacle, you will not be able to have access to Roblox hence no more game playing. We arrive at the next question. What is the solution for Roblox Error Code 279? There are a number of solutions to fix the problem of Roblox Error 279. Following are some pointers as a solution:

Use a Supported Browser

We all know that applications like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc. are all browsers. Wrong, these are examples of a browser. What exactly is a browser? Browsers are the gateways to the internet. You can log in and visit websites through these portals. Whenever you visit Roblox, make sure that you have the latest version i.e. most updated browser to avoid interruption.

Reset Internet Connection Settings

If you are facing internet connection problems, we highly recommend going to your browser, tap the settings option, go to an internet connection, and tap on reset. This resetting can help to overcome interruption and blockage problems from your system.

Check the Security Settings of Your Browser

Many times, your browser’s security settings are set too high on an advanced level which stops Roblox from functioning properly. To make Roblox function smoothly and to avoid unstable internet connection problems, change the security settings to allow Roblox in.

Disengage Ad Blockers

Ad Blockers sometimes act as a nuisance and take an active part in interrupting your internet connection. This action can effectively stop Roblox from functioning in a smooth manner on your system. What you can do to solve this problem is to disengage these ad blockers and pop up messages on your browser.

Malware Settings in Firewall

There is always a threat of some kind of malware creeping into your system. To prevent malware invasion, your firewall has high walls guarding your system. This sometimes poses a problem for Roblox. You can control this by changing some settings of your firewall.

Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes things get out of hand as your wireless internet connection can waver down a bit. To avoid this momentary down of your internet connection that stops the proper functioning of Roblox, you can change your wireless internet connection to a wired internet connection. Wired internet connections are known to have stronger connectivity even though they limit the portability of your device.

Try Reinstalling Roblox

When everything stops and there is no solution you can uninstall Roblox, wait for a few minutes, and then reinstall Roblox. This can revive the program and allow you to play uninterrupted.

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Over the years Roblox has proven to be one of its kind gaming centers. It is open to each and everyone and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. With it being so free and the children already engaged in gaming, it is natural for parents to worry. Sitting in front of the screen for long hours and straining your eyes while concentrating is what parents see when their child plays a video game. It is true that obesity in teenagers, anti-social quality development in kids, and another mental, emotional and psychological problems have been seen in children who regularly engage in video game playing. It is best to only play video games for a limited period of time per day to keep all these diseases and disorders at bay and to keep your parents from stressing over your health.

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