How To Solve Internal Server Error in Minecraft?

Minecraft is the most widely played games where you can stay in the home and explore different places in the video game. It can be played singly or with multiplayer. The game provides a 3D environment where you have to survive to succeed in fighting against different mobs with different weapons like arrows and swords. The game has two alternative dimensions called Nether and End. It is played in different game modes like survival mode, hardcore mode, creative mode, adventure mode, spectator mode.

minecraft internal server error

What Causes the Internal Server Error in Minecraft?

The game is being the best of all but yet suffers from a few problems and it is very annoying to deal with such a problem while playing the game. First, let us know what are the reasons for the Internal Server Error:

The usage of an older version of Minecraft can result in a server error.

  • Mod packs in Minecraft are also sometimes the reason.
  • The corruption of temporary files in Minecraft also creates an error.
  • The interruption of a useless plugin also causes numerous problems.2
  • The corruption during the installation also shows server error.

How To Fix Internal Server Error in Minecraft?

No, need to hold your head after reading the long list of causes, we are here with a longer list of solutions too. Read further, to know tricks to fix the internal errors:

Rebooting or Restarting

The best way to deal with any sort of error is to reboot or restart the computer, this causes your Windows OS to remove the temporary chaos of the server.

By Deleting the User Profile

If the first way fails then the second solution could be to delete the user login profile and create a new one. The deletion removes the temporary data so, there should be no reason to worry. For doing such you need to follow the following steps:

  • Visit website and get your UUID.
  • Now log into the server to look at your server files and go to the world.
  • Select players and delete the person’s user name and UUID for one facing the problem i.e. receiving an error message.
  • Now restart the computer and try to connect to the server further.
  • This generally removes the faced error, but if it is yet not resolved then move further to the article.

By Removing or Disabling the Mods

The next solution is to remove the mods which sometimes causes problems in connection LAN and even results in an internal server error. Mod is the short form of Modulo Operation, it is used to increase the speed and visual appearance of the game. This makes the game more exciting to play. Opti fine, Journeyman, Controlling are cast to be the best mods for Minecraft. You can delete the mods in the following ways:

  • You have to press the Windows key and the R key.
  • Now, type “%appdata%”.
  • Click “Ok”.
  • Go to “.minecraft” then “.versions” folder.
  • Find the folder version with the mod you would like to delete.
  • Finally, delete it.

Now, confirm that weather the Internal Server error occurs again or not. If it does not occur then congratulations to you, but if it occurs again we have further steps to share with you.

By Checking Installed Plugins

You can also check the added plugins to your Minecraft whether they are compatible with the version or not. The plugin is the software used to add specific features to the game as it acts as a multi-player server. It is similar to that of mods but it does not change the game like mods. The best plugins used with Minecraft are EssentialX, multiverse-core, luckperms, via versions. The plugins add moderation tools, economy, kits, player nicknames, to the game. The plugins are developed by a third party and can be easily accessed.

You need to check the version of the plugin you are using. You can do this by typing ‘/version’ inside the plugin window. Be confirmed that all the installed plugins are in their latest version and are compatible with your Minecraft.

By Reinstalling Minecraft

The most recommended way of dissolving the error is to uninstall Minecraft and install it again. For this to happen you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You have to click Windows+R, a Run dialogue box appears.
  • Now, type”appwiz.cpl” in the box
  • Click on the Enter key.
  • Once you are in the application manager, you have to locate Minecraft, right-click on it and go for the Uninstall option.
  • Visit website.
  • On the following website, you can download the game again by clicking on the install option.

If you’re looking to use Minecraft on Windows 10, you may get Minecraft won’t launch an error. You can find the fix of that on our website.


Minecraft being popular all over the world suffers from a few general problems. And it destroys the mood of the game when a dialogue box with error arises. We have tried our best to solve this problem so that you can smoothly play the game. So, play and win it.

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